Modern Wreath Making


We pretended like it was cold outside, drank a warm spiced beverage, and made wreaths at our friend’s shop, Love and Whiskey in Costa Mesa.





If you’re interested in making your own, you can start with a gold craft ring (we purchased at JoAnn’s), or giant stick. Both work great, and we gave our crafters the option of using either one. Then we collected cuttings from various evergreen trees. We used some professionally bought greens, mixed in with some that we found in our neighborhoods. Juniper and cypress and pine work nice, and grow indigenously in Southern California. Also rosemary, boxwood and medallion eucalyptus are amazing to toss in and mix up the evergreen. Or you can always cut some off the back of your Christmas tree, we won’t tell anyone…

Other tools you’ll need are floral wire, floral tape, wire cutters and twine.

You can get creative with adding yarn, pinecones, berries, more sticks…etc. Everyone did a great job and they all turned out amazing.img_0596






Pots & Plants

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

We just had our second Henhouse Creative night and we made clay pots!

If you’re new, Henhouse Creative is a monthly workshop gathering in Orange County, CA. We make interesting and fun things with our hands and laugh, and blah, blah blah you get the idea…basically you need to join us because we’re a hoot, and that’s the truth.

But if you can’t join us because you’re a raging introvert and can’t find the strength to peel yourself off the couch (I feel you), or if you live outside the area, it’s okay because I’ll recap and give you all the details here.

First thing’s first, the tools:

You’ll need

  • Oven baked clay, I like the brand Sculpey
  • Something to roll out the clay. I used a kombucha bottle, but a rolling pin works fine if you’re fancy.
  • Some pottery tools, although not totally necessary
  • An oven
  • Something to roll the clay onto, like a silpat mat or a seamless countertop
  • Baking sheet
  • Some acrylic paints and brushes if you want to paint your creation after it has baked
  • Your hands!

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

ZING! Let’s do this

There are two basic methods to making a small pot, one is where we roll out the clay into about a quarter inch thickness and cut a circle using a cup as a template.

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Then roll out your remainder clay into a longer piece that you will use to wrap around the disk you just cut. I find the best way to do this is to squeeze your dough into a thick sausage and then roll it flat.

After your dough is flat, and before you wrap it, you can make it unique by pressing foliage into it, scalloping the edges or leaving it plain. Whatever you’re into. I considered stamping my bra into it, but opted for leaves instead. Go nuts, this is your pot and no one is going to tell you how to live your life! Smash some Skittles in there, if you want. Wait on second thought, don’t because skittles are good, and we can’t waste tasty candy. I digress.

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

After you’ve wrapped your pot, you can bake it using the baking methods on the box.

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

While it bakes throw yourself a small party, congratulate yourself on being so crafty, pour yourself a cocktail, post it on social media and then have a handful or two of those colorful candies.

Second basic method of making a clay pot is a pinch pot. This is my favorite method because it’s easy. And I like me some easy. Roll your clay into a ball and press into the center, slowly working your way out and around, start to shape the clay into a pot.

You did it. You’re a winner.

You can add some festive balls if you’d like. And you should, because how precious is this?!

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

After it’s been baked, you can add tiny succulents or air plants.

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Henhouse Creative-DIY clay pots

Have fun!